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Figure 2

From: PCR detection of Plasmodium falciparum in human urine and saliva samples

Figure 2

Amplicon from saliva, urine and blood extracts of field samples 216, 34 and 210. Matching MSP2 alleles are seen in saliva (Qs) and blood (b) amplicon from each individual. In contrast, between-patient polymorphic differences are evident, reflecting diverse infections. Urine samples from these patients did not amplify, except that of 210 (210Qu). Qs, Qu denote Qiagen saliva and urine extracts, respectively, by crude lysate approach; Cu denotes Qiagen urine extracts, by cultured animal cells protocol; Du denotes Chelex direct extraction on whole urine. Qs-, Cu-, b- were corresponding extracts of saliva, urine and blood samples from healthy negative control, while 3D7 was positive control laboratory standard.

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