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Table 2 Speciation results of all samples

From: Comparison of three molecular methods for the detection and speciation of Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum

Percentage of total isolates (n = 136) PCR Molecular Consensus Microscopy
  Multiplex Nested Real-time   
23.5% (32) Pf Pf Pf Pf Pf
0.7% (1) Pf Pf + Pv Pf + Pv Pf+ Pv Pf
34.6% (47) Pv Pv Pv Pv Pv
2.2% (3) Neg Neg Neg Neg Pv
1.5% (2) Pf Pf Pf Pf Pv
1.5% (2) Pf Pf Pf Pf Pf + Pv
1.5% (2) Pf Pf + Pv Pf + Pv Pf + Pv Pf + Pv
30.9% (42) Neg Neg Neg Neg Neg
2.2% (3) Pv Pv Pv Pv Neg
0.7% (1) Pf Pf Pf Pf Neg
0.7% (1) Pv Pf + Pv Pv Pv Neg
  1. Results are P. falciparum (Pf), P. vivax (Pv) or negative (Neg). Samples are grouped by similar results by all techniques, there are 11 result combinations and are represented in each of the tables rows. Molecular consensus in column five is was determined when two or more of the three molecular techniques were alike.