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Figure 2

From: Sequence analysis of Plasmodium falciparum cytochrome b in multiple geographic sites

Figure 2

Compilation of the polymorphic sites of the Pfcytb gene in field isolates (in blue) and in lines selected for atovaquone-resistance in vitro (in yellow). The figure does not include silent mutations, which were not described [36] or whose nucleotide numbering does not match with the reported reference sequences [37, 40]. Numbering indicated refers to data reported from 1-Korzinczky et al [7]; 2-Schwöbel et al. [12]; 3-Sharma et al. [36]; 4-Musset et al. [25]; 5-Fivelman et al. [15]; 6-Berry et al. [40]; 7-Happi et al. [38]; 8-Kuhn et al. [24]; 9-Färnert et al. [23]; 10-David et al. [22]; 11-Schwartz et al. [26]; 12-Musset et al. [21]; 13-Joy et al. [30]; 14-Conway et al. [29]; 15-Legrand et al. [20]. # Single Nucleotide Polymorphism found in this study; * Musset personal communication; ** codon 282 is GTA : nucleotide 846 is an A and not a C as quoted by Berry et al [40], we assume that the T to C mutation affects nucleotide 845

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