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Table 1 The parameter values used in the illustrative model runs. They were chiefly motivated by the studies listed on Anopheles gambiae s.s. in Africa, but do not attempt to model precisely any particular interaction.

From: Application of the lumped age-class technique to studying the dynamics of malaria-mosquito-human interactions

Parameter Symbol Value Unit Source
Duration of egg stage T O 1 d [2]
Duration of larval stage T L 14 d [2]
Duration of pupal stage T P 1 d [2]
Duration of exposed stage T E 10 d [5]
Egg stage daily mortality μ O 0.05 d-1 [43]
Larval stage daily mortality μ L 0.1 d-1 [44]
Pupal stage daily mortality μ P 0.05 d-1 [45]
Adult stage daily mortality μ S , μ E , μ I 0.1 d-1 [5]
Fecundity λ 30 d-1 [2]
Density dependent parameter γ 0.001 d-1 area2  
Transmission efficiency; mosquito to human b 0.5   [5]
Transmission efficiency; human to mosquito c 0.5   [5]
Human biting rate a 0.3 d-1 [5]
Human recovery rate r 0.01 d-1 [5]