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Figure 1

From: Full blood count and haemozoin-containing leukocytes in children with malaria: diagnostic value and association with disease severity

Figure 1

Granularity/lobularity plot from the Cell-Dyn 3000®. The plot shows the 90° side scatter (lobularity) on the x-axis and the 90° depolarizing scatter on the y-axis (granularity). The instrument computes a dynamic separation line between the granulocytes (orange) and the eosinophils (1a). Analysis-areas for haemozoin (Hz) containing monocytes: a) any purple dot above grey line (1a), b) any purple event above grey horizontal line (1b). Analysis area for Hz-containing granulocytes: area (gate) defined by area surrounded by solid black line (2). Analysis area for depolarizing blue coded events: area above solid black line (3). For detailed description on constructing the areas and cut-off lines, please see Methods section. Blue = lymphocytes, purple = monocytes, orange = granulocytes, green = eosinophils (or "mis-classified" Hz-containing granulocytes).

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