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Figure 1

From: Antibody response dynamics to the Plasmodium falciparum conserved vaccine candidate antigen, merozoite surface protein-1 C-terminal 19kD (MSP1-19kD), in Peruvians exposed to hypoendemic malaria transmission

Figure 1

P. falciparum incidence and αMSP1-19kD prevalence in our study area between 2003–2004. αMSP1-19kD IgG seroprevalence during March 2003, and February and August 2004, active case detection community surveys (bars) as well as P. falciparum point-prevalence during community surveys (open symbols) and weekly ACD conducted on sentinel individuals April-July, 2003, and March-July, 2004 (closed symbols, lines), and P. falciparum incidence in passive case detection (PCD) are shown (closed circles).

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