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Figure 12

From: A tool box for operational mosquito larval control: preliminary results and early lessons from the Urban Malaria Control Programme in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Figure 12

Examples of inaccessible but productive Anopheles aquatic habitats in the wards of Buguruni (A), Mikocheni (B) and Kurasini (C) during the period October to December 2006. Note that all the open soil surfaces depicted are in fact very soft mud which is impossible to walk across. Although these ponds had been freshly drained for maintenance, their low porosity, and the rainfall which immediately followed their exposure, resulted in abundant and stable surface water in multiple inaccessible depressions on the surface for two months. These areas closely resemble similarly challenging sites in flooding river valleys of West Africa which can be rigorously controlled with powered granule-blowing equipment [42].

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