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Table 2 The correlation matrix of five traits in A. gambiae males.

From: Intra-specific variation of sperm length in the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae: males with shorter sperm have higher reproductive success

Three male fitness traits and two male morphological traits
Trait p.insem p.motile p.ovip wing sperm
p.insem *** 0.63 0.74 -0.05 -0.55
p.motile 0.009 *** 0.58 0.09 -0.34
p.ovip 0.001 0.017 *** 0.00 -0.43
wing 0.843 0.739 0.991 *** 0.49
sperm 0.026 0.191 0.101 0.050 ***
  1. Experiment 3: the correlation matrix for the three sire fitness traits: the proportion of inseminated females (p.insem), the proportion of females with at least one motile sperm in their spermathecae (p.motile), and the proportion of ovipositing females (p.ovip), and the two sire morphological traits: mean wing length (wing) and mean sperm length (sperm) is shown for the 16 sire families. The Pearson's correlation coefficient and its p-value are shown above and below the diagonal, respectively. Statistically significant correlations and p-values are shown in bold.