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Figure 2

From: The microneme proteins CTRP and SOAP are not essential for Plasmodium berghei ookinete to oocyst transformation in vitro in a cell free system

Figure 2

Transformation of PbCTRP-KO ookinetes in Anopheles gambiae. Phase contrast image of a PbCTRP-KO oocyst (arrow) attached to the midgut of An. gambiae KIL mosquito. The trachea (arrow heads) and Malpighian tubules (MT) are also shown. Plasmodium berghei CTRP-KO ookinetes were injected 18 h post-culture into the haemocoel of 4-day old An. gambiae KIL females and allowed to develop for 7 days prior to mosquito dissection.

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