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Table 1 A summary of selected features calculated for annotated proteins in Plasmodium falciparum (a total of 5,411 proteins were analysed).

From: A structural annotation resource for the selection of putative target proteins in the malaria parasite

Feature Occurrence
BLAST vs. PDB hits with at least 25% identity 27%
Hits vs. Pfam with E-value < 1 × 10-15 32%
No Pfam hits 43%
Threading Z score > 3.95 8%
One or more predicted coiled-coil regions 10%
Predicted to be transported out of the RBC (Pexel) 5%
Predicted to contain at least one transmembrane helix 30%
Predicted small molecule binding by SMID 22%
Protein-protein interaction by yeast-two hybrid results 15%
Predicted ≤ 40% disorder or no regular secondary structure 60%
Mean percentage low complexity per sequence 16%