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Table 2 Motifs within Plasmodium spp. MRP nucleotide binding domains

From: Identification and bioinformatic characterization of a multidrug resistance associated protein (ABCC) gene in Plasmodium berghei

Nucleotide Binding Domain Motif Consensus Sequence Consensus in Plasmodium spp. Location in pbMRP
NBD1 Walker A GxxxxGK [S, T] G [D, N] [I, V]GSG [E, K]T 714–722
  Q loop XQx PQ [I, F] 753–755
  ABC motif LSGGQ LSKGQ 808–812
  Walker B XILxDE LYL [L, F]DD 954–959
  D loop LD LD 964–965
  H loop XHx Not identified  
NBD2 Walker A GxxxxGK [S, T] G [K, R]SGAGKS 1705–1712
  Q loop XQx PQS 1752–1754
  ABC motif LSGGQ L [S, A]LVR 1835–1839
  Walker B XILxDE L [L, V, I]LIDE 1849–1854
  D loop LD Not identified  
  H loop XHx [S, A]HD 1895–1897