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Table 2 Effect of exogenous oxidative stress on protein synthesis in trophozoite stage parasitized normal RBCs

From: Co-ordinated stage-dependent enhancement of Plasmodium falciparum antioxidant enzymes and heat shock protein expression in parasites growing in oxidatively stressed or G6PD-deficient red blood cells

Sample Treatment % Inhibition
Parasitized normal RBCs 0 0
Parasitized normal RBCs low XO/X 0
Parasitized normal RBCs high XO/X 100
  1. Parasites were grown at low XO (0.1 mU/ml) or high XO (1 mU/ml) activity at constant × concentration (1 mM final) as indicated (for details, see Methods). Reference values (100%) for protein synthesis: trophozoites growing in normal RBCs: 663.2 ± 17.2 (counts × 103/min/mg protein ± SD, n = 3); trophozoites growing in oxidatively stressed RBCs: 780.9 ± 67.3 (same); trophozoites growing in G6PD-deficient RBCs: 503.5 ± 35.1 (same).