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Table 1 Locus Details and location

From: Inferring selection in the Anopheles gambiae species complex: an example from immune-related serine protease inhibitors

NAME Identifier Putative function Genomic location
SRPN1 AGAP006909 Inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 2L:39892128-39893864
SRPN2 AGAP006911 Plasmodium-related Inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 2L:39897002-39899744
SRPN3 AGAP006910 Inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 2L:39895229-39896338
SRPN4C AGAP009670 Inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 3R:38145527-38154288
SRPN5 AGAP009221 Inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 3R:28858000-28859778
SRPN6 AGAP009212 Plasmodium-related Inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 3R:28811997-28818217
SRPN7 AGAP007693 Inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 2L:49090665-49091915
SRPN8 AGAP003194 Inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 2R:33744972-33746720
SRPN9 AGAP003139 Inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 2R:33148444-33154607
SRPN10 AGAP005246 Plasmodium-related Inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 2L:12996143-13001508
SRPN11 AGAP001377 Non-inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 2R:4017728-4019706
SRPN12 AGAP001375 Non-inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 2R:4010431-4012512
SRPN14 AGAP007692 Non-inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 2L:49084812-49086463
SRPN16 AGAP009213 Inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 3R:28824548-28826209
SRPN17 AGAP001376 Inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 2R:4015617-4016537
SRPN18 AGAP007691 Non-inhibitory Serine Protease inhibitor 2L:49086842-49088278
Control1 AGAP006906 Adenosine deaminase-related growth factor 2L:39852471-39854636
Control2 AGAP006904 Matrix metalloproteinase 2L:39831595-39836700
Control3 AGAP006918 Putative NADH:ubiquinone dehydrogenase 2L:39995907-39997095
Control4 AGAP009673 glutaminyl-peptide cyclotransferase 3R:38248845-38249780
Control5 ENSANGG8091 (retrotransposon) 3R:28965847-28968579
Control6 AGAP009207 Mitogen-activated protein kinase ERK 3R:28697030-28708787
Control7 AGAP007712 Putative RHO guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor 2L:49181235-49190516
Control8 AGAP003205 Similar to Drosophila CG8468 2R:33825401-33827998
Control9 AGAP003143 Similar to Drosophila CG9904 2R:33211906-33213476
Control10 AGAP005247 no annotation 2L:13062962-13067750
Control11 AGAP001384 cAMP-dependent protein kinase, beta-catalytic subunit 2R:4098545-4103634
Control12 AGAP001371 Similar to Drosophila CG18643 2R:3885127-3885956
Control14 AGAP007713 Similar to human solute carrier family 39 2L:49196817-49198177
Control16 AGAP900209 DNA-directed RNA polymerase II subunit J 3R:28746535-28747425
Control17 AGAP001388 Similar to human mab-3-related transcription factor 3 2R:4120810-4122586
Control18 AGAP007717 Similar to Drosophila CAP CG18408-PE 2L:49212258-49224889