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Table 2 Preferred provider attributes

From: Use of drugs, perceived drug efficacy and preferred providers for febrile children: implications for home management of fever

Attribute Government facility Private clinic or drug shop Comments
1. Attend to clients fast No Yes Some times one waits at government facilities and does not get treatment
2. Can attend to the child any time of day or night No Yes At night it is difficult to go to government facilities because they are far
3. Are nearby No Yes Sometimes the cost of transport is more than the cost of treatment
4. Have drugs in constant supply No Yes Drug shops do not have the new anti-malarials of Coartem®
5. Can conduct investigations Yes No Investigations are needed to find out why previous treatment did not work
6. Have qualified workers Yes No Drug shops have unqualified workers but there is no choice, caretakers have to use them
7. Handle complicated illnesses Yes No Without the lab, there is need for investigations and drug shops do not have that capacity