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Figure 3

From: Characterization of the repertoire diversity of the Plasmodium falciparum stevor multigene family in laboratory and field isolates

Figure 3

Phylogenetic trees of stevor DNA sequences. Neighbor-joining (A) and Minimum Evolution (B) methods were used for generation of phylogenetic trees of 152 HVR stevor alleles. Trees are based upon a nucleotide alignment of the HVRs and condensed to show only those branches with a bootstrap value of 95% significance and above. Sequences are color-coded according to originating isolate: Kilifi-yellow; T9/96-dark blue; 3D7-pink; A4 and C10-green; FcB1-light blue; D10-light green. Orange open-circle around a branch point indicates the major stevor sub-grouping, blue open-circles highlight T9/96 sub-groups, green open-circles highlight sub-groupings including FcB1, C10 and A4 sequences, yellow open-circles highlight Kilifi sequence sub-groupings.

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