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Table 1 Origin of P. falciparum clones used for in vitro culture

From: Characterization of the repertoire diversity of the Plasmodium falciparum stevor multigene family in laboratory and field isolates

Clone Parent isolate Geographical origin Reference
3D7 NF54 Amsterdam airport -Netherlands (unknown origin) (Walliker et al., 1987)
A4 IT04 Brazil (Roberts et al., 1992)
C10 1776 Malaysia (Ang et al., 1996)
D10 FCQ-27 Papua New Guinea (Chen et al., 1980)
Dd2 W2-MEF Indochina (Oduola et al., 1988)
FcB1 Unknown Colombia (Schrevel et al., 1994)
T9/96 T9 Thailand (Thaithong et al., 1984)