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Figure 10

From: The spatial and temporal patterns of falciparum and vivax malaria in Perú: 1994–2006

Figure 10

The Lorenz curves of the distribution of the total number of malaria case notifications for P. falciparum and P. vivax as a function of population size at the province level during 1999–2006. The red solid line (first diagonal) represents a constant distribution of malaria case notifications (no heterogeneity). During 1999–2006, spatial heterogeneity for P. falciparum was similar across geographic regions with the corresponding Gini indices being 0.68, 0.73, and 0.69 in jungle, coastal and mountain areas, respectively. Spatial heterogeneity for P. vivax in jungle regions was similar to that of P. falciparum during the same period (0.6) and slightly higher in mountain and coastal areas (0.89 and 0.87, respectively).

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