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Table 3 Comparison of residues implicated in sulphate binding

From: Structural insights into chondroitin sulphate A binding Duffy-binding-like domains from Plasmodium falciparum: implications for intervention strategies against placental malaria

  CSA-binding DBL domains Non-binders
A4 3X 3D7 3X 2X A4 4ε 3D7 1X
   A4 3D7 A4 3D7 A4 3D7   
Sulfate binding residues
K 1324* R - - - - - - H -
G 1329* G - - K - - - - -
R1467* Q A E E E K E K N
K1504 # K E K E E A A A K
Residues within 5Å of modelled CSA
K1327# M - K - K - - -  
R1503# R D N S S H E K D
K1507# E K V K K N N N K
K1510# K K K E E N N N E
  1. • [10, 11].
  2. • Conserved residues are in bold, acidic residues are in italics and underlined and other residues are bold and underlined.