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Table 3 Major karyotypes associated with each population identified in Bayesian clustering analyses.

From: Ecological and genetic relationships of the Forest-M form among chromosomal and molecular forms of the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto

Clustering based on microsatellite genotype (K = 5) Forest-M Forest-S Savanna-S Bamako-S Mopti-M
Clustering based on karyotype (K = 7) Forest-M Forest-S Godola-S Savanna-S Bamako-S Mopti-M bc/bc Mopti-M other
Color (Figure 2) Green Light blue Yellow Blue Purple Red Orange
Molecular form M S S S S M M
Karyotypes   S ------(42) S2-211-(15) S2-2---(78) S2212-2(52)   M2-11-1(50)
  M------(57) S1-1---(21) S2-222-(12) S1-2---(27) S22-2-2(39) M2-22--(145) M2-11--(39)
   S1-----(17) S2-111-(3) S2-1---(20) S2222-2(15)   M2-21--(6)
   S--1---(12)      M2-----(2)
  1. The six consecutive symbols describing karyotypes represent the genotype of 2La, 2Rj, 2Rb, 2Rc, 2Rd, and 2Ru listed in order. '-' represents standard (uninverted) homozygous arrangement, '1' heterozygote, '2' inverted homozygote.