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Figure 1

From: Optimization and validation of multi-coloured capillary electrophoresis for genotyping of Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface proteins (msp1 and 2)

Figure 1

Screenshot of electropherogram (GeneMapper® software) displaying different artifacts: A) fluorescent background (right) and non-specific low background (left) in a field sample with 2 msp1 K1 alleles. The red striped line indicates the cut-off at 300 relative fluorescent units (rfu). B) Companion peak, to the left of a true peak of an msp1 K1 allele from a single laboratory line. C) Stutter peaks in a sample with the K1 laboratory line amplified with msp2 FC27 primers. The y-axis depicts the rfu while fragment size (sz) in base pair and rfu height (ht) for individual alleles is depicted on the x-axis. The rfu scale on the y-axis has been adjusted to focus on the artifacts.

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