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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Effect of trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole on the risk of malaria in HIV-infected Ugandan children living in an area of widespread antifolate resistance

Characteristics HIV-uninfected* HIV-infected*
Number of subjects 517 292
Total person years of observation 1095 665
Median duration of follow up in yrs (range) 2.1(0.2-2.4) 2.4 (0-2.4)
Mean age in yrs at the start of follow-up (SD) 7.4 (2.7) 6.0(2.6)
Mean CD4 percent at start of follow-up (SD) N/A 23%(8.6)
Antiretroviral (ART) use during follow-up   
   Total person years on ART N/A 275
   Number of participants on ART at start of follow-up N/A 76 (26%)
   Number of participants initiated on ART during follow-up N/A 65 (22%)
  1. *All HIV-uninfected children were not receiving TS while all HIV-infected children were receiving daily TS