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Table 3 Malaria-related vertebrate host proteins listed in IDOMAL

From: IDOMAL: an ontology for malaria

complement receptor 1    
granzyme B    
human actin    
human ankyrin    
human band 3 protein    
human band 4.1 protein    
human Duffy blood group antigen    
human glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase    
human glycophorin A    
human glycophorin C    
human haemoglobin    
  variant haemoglobin   
   haemoglobin C  
   haemoglobin E  
   haemoglobin S  
   thalassaemia-related haemoglobin  
    alpha thalassaemia-related haemoglobin
    beta thalassaemia-related haemoglobin
  wild type haemoglobin   
human spectrin    
  immunoglobulin E   
  immunoglobulin G   
   immunoglobulin G1  
   immunoglobulin G3  
  immunoglobulin M   
interferon gamma    
interleukin 10    
interleukin 12    
interleukin 13    
interleukin 2    
interleukin 4    
toll like receptor 2    
toll like receptor 9    
tumor necrosis factor-alpha    
  1. The table lists, alphabetically, all malaria-related vertebrate host proteins that are currently listed in IDOMAL. Proteins that are found tab-shifted rightwards in any line of the table are is_a children of the respective higher order term.