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Figure 1

From: Lineage divergence detected in the malaria vector Anopheles marajoara (Diptera: Culicidae) in Amazonian Brazil

Figure 1

Genealogical trees based on 52 haplotypes from 895-bp sequenced from 107 specimens of A. marajoara s.l. Bayesian Inference (BI) and Maximum parsimony (MP) trees based on the combined white + COI dataset. Branch support was estimated from 1,000 replicates of a bootstrap search (right tree) and posterior probability (left tree). Anopheles albimanus, was the out group. Lineage 2 haplotypes are indicated as L2.1-L2.16 and lineage 1 haplotypes as L1.1-L1.36. * Denotes samples from Marajo island, ~56 km from the A. marajoara type locality.

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