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Table 2 Solomon Islands and Vanuatu Geographical Reconnaissance field procedures summary, 2009

From: Modern geographical reconnaissance of target populations in malaria elimination zones

GR Operation Approx Land Area (km2) Number of PDA/GPS units Survey Days Average Households Mapped (per PDA per Day) Average Structures Recorded (per PDA per Day) Average Population Recorded (per PDA per Day) Technical Difficulties during Operation Technical Field Supervision provided
GR1:Outer Islands, Temotu Province 79.63 2 19 61.97 154.03 247.92 No Yes
GR2: Santa Cruz, Temotu Province 546.6 4 18 39.6 82.21 167.9 Moderate No
GR3: Tanna IRS Zone, Tafea Province 476.97 4 40 32.83 116.28 136.74 Minor Partial