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Figure 2

From: Entomologic and molecular investigation into Plasmodium vivax transmission in Singapore, 2009

Figure 2

Profile of restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) of P. vivax msp3α gene. Restriction enzymes digestion using Alu I (A) and Hha I (B) enzymes for samples from Jurong Island (J), Mandai Estate (M) and Sembawang (S). The profile of J68, M11, M99 and M108 were similar to other 5 isolates from Mandai Estate (data not shown). DNA size markers in base-pairs (bp) are shown in the end lanes (m). Alphabets at the bottom of the gel represent specific genotypes, deciphered by eyeballing, present in each sample. Sample with mixed genotype infections is indicated with more than one alphabet.

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