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Figure 1

From: Chronic infection during placental malaria is associated with up-regulation of cycloxygenase-2

Figure 1

Expression of COX-1, COX-2, 15-LOX and IL-10 mRNA in placenta. Expression levels was calibrated for each gene using PPIA as housekeeping gene (delta Ct = Ctgene - CtPPIA) and normalized using the pool of uninfected control placentas (delta delta Ct = delta Ct - mean delta Ct (ctrl)). Results are plotted according to: (A) infection classes: CI = Chronic Infections, AI = Acute Infections, PI = Past Infections, NP = No parasites/pigment detectable, Ctrl = uninfected placentas (PfHRP2-) (B) Parity: P = primiparous, M = multiparous, and S = secondiparous women. RQ = Relative Quantity = 2-(deltadelta Ct). P value are indicated for significant test only (p < 0.05).

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