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Table 3 General description of the substitutions made within PfCP-2.9

From: Epitope mapping of PfCP-2.9, an asexual blood-stage vaccine candidate of Plasmodium falciparum

Designationa Location on PfCP-2.9 Positionb Amino acid Selection Reference
  PfCP-2.9 Mutant
M17 AMA-1(III) 446 Tyr Phe c [24]
M18 AMA-1(III) 447 Lys Arg c [24]
M55 AMA-1(III) 484 Asp Asn c [24]
M56 AMA-1(III) 485 Lys Arg d [25]
M62 AMA-1(III) 491 Phe Ala d [25]
M71 AMA-1(III) 500 Ser Thr c [24]
M81 AMA-1(III) 510 Val Ile d [25]
M82 AMA-1(III) 511 Glu Gln c [24]
M84 AMA-1(III) 513 Arg Lys c [24]
M159 MSP1-19 14 Gln Gly e [19]
M160 MSP1-19 15 Asn Arg f [13]
M165 MSP1-19 20 Arg Glu e [19]
M172 MSP1-19 27 Glu Tyr f [13]
M174 MSP1-19 29 Lys Arg e [19]
M176 MSP1-19 31 Leu Arg f [13]
M185 MSP1-19 40 Lys Ile e [19]
M188 MSP1-19 43 Glu Leu f [13]
  1. a. Mutated proteins are designated with the corresponding sequence number of the amino acid residues on PfCP-2.9
  2. b. Positions for the substitutions numbered from the start of PfAMA-1 (3D7 line) or of PfMSP1-19 (Wellcome/K1 line).
  3. c. Highly conserved amino acids across different Plasmodium species.
  4. d. Epitopes recognized by mAbF8.12.19.
  5. e. Surface-exposed amino acids on the PfMSP1-19 molecule.
  6. f. Epitopes recognized by blocking mAbs.