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Table 4 Sporozoite rates in malaria vectors that were tested in groups of unspeciated pools (within Anopheles gambiae s.l. complex), and within a subsample that were individually identified to species level

From: The impact of livestock on the abundance, resting behaviour and sporozoite rate of malaria vectors in southern Tanzania

Vector species Livestock status Number tested Percent infected (%) 95% CI (%)
Samples tested in pools
An. gambiae s.l. Absent 5478 0.40 0.13-0.94
  Present 3277 0.10 0.008-0.39
Individually tested specimens
An. arabiensis NA 2537 0.39 0.20-0.78
An. funestus NA 857 1.10 0.54-2.19
An. gambiae s.s. NA 755 0.81 0.44-1.93
  1. Samples sizes were only sufficiently large within the An. gambiae s.l. dataset to test for an impact of livestock presence. For the subsample of vectors whose species was individually confirmed, data were pooled over all years and household livestock types (thus household livestock defined as NA).