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Table 1 Literature review search strategy

From: A critical review of traditional medicine and traditional healer use for malaria and among people in malaria-endemic areas: contemporary research in low to middle-income Asia-Pacific countries

Databases 1. Academic Search Complete (Ebsco)
3. MEDLINE (Ovid)
4. Proquest
5. Scopus
Key/Search terms Malaria or febrile or fever or ‘mosquito-borne illness’ or ‘mosquito-borne disease’ or ‘mosquito-borne infectious illness’ or ‘mosquito-borne infectious disease’ or ‘mosquito borne illness’ or ‘mosquito borne disease’ or ‘mosquito borne infectious illness’ or ‘mosquito borne infectious disease’and combine them all with ‘treatment-seeking’ or ‘health-seeking’ or ‘care-seeking’ or ‘treatment seeking’ or ‘health seeking’ or ‘care seeking’ or ‘traditional medicine’ or ‘traditional healer’ or ‘traditional therapy’ or ‘traditional health care’ or ‘traditional healthcare’ or ‘traditional treatment’ or ‘Indigenous medicine’ or ‘indigenous healer’ or ‘indigenous therapy’ or ‘indigenous health care’ or ‘indigenous healthcare’ or ‘indigenous treatment’ or ‘traditional Chinese medicine’ or ‘traditional Chinese healer’ or ‘traditional Chinese therapy’ or ‘traditional Chinese health care’ or ‘traditional Chinese healthcare’ or ‘traditional Chinese treatment’ or Jamu or ‘herb’ or ‘medicinal plant’ or acupuncture or ‘Ayurveda/ayurvedic’ or ‘unani’ or ‘herbal oil’ or ‘faith healer’ or ‘mosquito repellent’
Month/year published January 2003-October 2014
Language English
Types of population Humans of all ages (people with malaria or people living in malaria-endemic areas)
Location Low- to middle-income countries in the Asia-Pacific region
Type of publication Peer-reviewed article
Inclusion/exclusion criteria
Types of studies Any studies reporting empirical research findings on treatment or prevention of malaria using traditional medicine or traditional healers
Exclusion criteria editorials, correspondence, commentaries, case reports, clinical studies (including those utilizing randomized controlled trial designs), and papers not adopting systematic research design or data reporting procedures.