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Table 3 Serological markers associated with asymptomatic infection

From: Submicroscopic and asymptomatic Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax infections are common in western Thailand - molecular and serological evidence

PlasmoDB ID ORF fragment Protein name Organism AUC MW U
PF3D7_0206800   merozoite surface protein 2 (MSP2) P. falciparum 0.742 0.016
PF3D7_0703700 Exon 1 Segment 1 conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function P. falciparum 0.735 0.008
PVX_119695 Exon 3 of 3 hypothetical protein, conserved P. vivax SaI1 0.725 0.013
PVX_085120 Exon 3 of 5 Segment 2 hypothetical protein, conserved P. vivax SaI1 0.722 0.020
PF3D7_0806500 Exon 1 Segment 1 DnaJ protein, putative P. falciparum 0.717 0.029
PF3D7_1348800 Exon 1 of 4 E1E2 ATPase, putative P. falciparum 0.697 0.030
  1. The intensity of antibody responses to these polypeptides was significantly higher in asymptomatic malaria cases when compared to symptomatic cases. AUC, area under the curve; MW U, Mann–Whitney U.