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Table 2 Summary specifications for a subset of commercially available G6PD Tests

From: The challenges of introducing routine G6PD testing into radical cure: a workshop report

Test name Resource requirements (equipment, infrastructure, etc.). Kit storage temp. and complexity Number of steps for sample prep Total time to result Through-put capacity Working temp. ranges Specimen preservation indications Price of product
Trinity G-6-PDH (kinetic spectrophotometry) Electricity, spectrophotometer with temp. control, pipettes, deionized water, timer, water bath (optional) 2°–8 °C and high 8 15–25 min Low 20°–39 °C 1 week at 2°–8 °C $10.00*
Trinity fluorescent spot test (FST) UV light with dark room or viewing box, pipettes, timer 2°–8 °C and moderate 5 25–30 min Medium 37 °C 1 week at 2°–8 °C ~$3.00
CareStart G6PD screening Test Pipettes, timer Not provided and low 3 5–10 min Medium–high Not specified 3 days at 2°–8 °C, or frozen $1.50
BinaxNOW G6PD test Pipettes, timer 15°–30 °C and low 5 5–7 min Medium–high 18°–25 °C Not specified $20.00
CareStart G6PD biosensor test Only needle for finger stick Not provided and low 1 4 min Medium Not specified but likely broad Not specified $500 for Biosensor, $2.50 per test strip
  1. Sources: Price information for Trinity G-6-PDH and CareStart G6PD RDT based on von Fricken et al. [53]. Carestart G6PD RDT and Carestart Biosensor confirmed via correspondence with Accessbio. BinaxNow price is from correspondence with Alere©. Trinity FST is an estimated price per use based on recent PATH purchases. End prices to user will vary widely based on local distributor pricing and in the case of the assay kits (FST and spectrophotometry) individual laboratory sample through put and workflow
  2. * Price varies according to number of samples run/control and number of runs performed/sample