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Fig. 4

From: Reduced deformability of parasitized red blood cells as a biomarker for anti-malarial drug efficacy

Fig. 4

‘Mock’ drug screen shows the potential of cladoniamide A as an anti-malarial. a Chemical structures of the bisindoles investigated in this study. b With reference to chloroquine, Bisindole compounds (1 µM each) exert differential effects on iRBC deformability. Cladoniamide A (p < 0.0001) and chloroquine (p = 0.0001) significantly decreased iRBC deformability and K252c and xenocladoniamide D treatment resulted in non-significant reduction in deformability. c The in vitro sensitivity of cladoniamide compounds tested by the SYBR Green I assay. The IC50 was 9.041 nM for cladoniamide A, 28.46 nM for chloroquine, 1.899 µM for K252c, and 2.271 µM for xenocladoniamide D

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