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Table 2 Entomological module parameters

From: A validated agent-based model to study the spatial and temporal heterogeneities of malaria incidence in the rainforest environment

Parameter name Value Notes and references
Aquatic stage development time 15 days [51]
Random walk pixels weight host-seeking mode and blood-seeking mode 0.85 Calibration parameter
Biting hours From 7 pm to 5 am [38]
Probability to fail the bite 0–1 0 when the human agent is protected against malaria
1 when the human agent is not protected against malaria
Resting time after blood meal 4 h [49]
Time required for eggs maturation after the blood meal 48 h [51]
Daily survival probability function \(p_{s} = e^{{ - \frac{1}{{ - 4.4 + 1.3 \cdot T - 0.03 \cdot T^{2} }}}}\) [53]; T is the temperature
survival probability factor during a rainy day 0.7 Calibration parameter
Minimum rain of a rainy day 100 mm/day Calibration parameter