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Table 5 Human module parameters

From: A validated agent-based model to study the spatial and temporal heterogeneities of malaria incidence in the rainforest environment

Parameter name Value Notes and references
Average number of human agents 1400 [31]
Parameters of the Gaussian distribution of human agents in every house Mean = 6
σ = 3
High incidence threshold 8 % Calibration parameter
Low incidence threshold 1 % Calibration parameter
Probability of adoption of protection methods 0.15 Calibration parameter
protection period duration 365 days Calibration parameter
Pprotection period fraction 0.4 Calibration parameter
Fraction of human agents permanently protected against mosquito bites 0.3 Calibration parameter
Fraction of asymptomatic human agents 0.07 P. falciparum
Fraction of asymptomatic human agents 0.05 P. vivax