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Fig. 4

From: Comparative genome-wide analysis and evolutionary history of haemoglobin-processing and haem detoxification enzymes in malarial parasites

Fig. 4

Food-vacuole falcipain loci in Plasmodium. Haemoglobin-specific falcipains (shown in red and pink) are located in close proximity as a falcipain locus. The genes surrounding the falcipain locus are conserved among Plasmodium species. Falcipain 2A of P. reichenowi is not shown here. P. falciparum falcipain 2A and falcipain 2B (yellow border) are almost identical to one another. Red dashed lines indicate falcipain 2B and falcipain 3 homologues in P. reichenowi. The scaled line length is approximately 10 kb

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