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Table 2 Reasons for LLIN loss between enrollment and end of follow up period (N = 600)

From: A longitudinal study of the durability of long-lasting insecticidal nets in Zambia

Reason n (%)
Damaged and thrown away 174 (29.0)
Used in a different location 66 (11.0)
Given away 38 (6.3)
Used for a different purpose 36 (6.0)
Threw away LLIN because received new LLINa 25 (4.2)
Stolen 11 (1.8)
Destroyed in a fire 9 (1.5)
Sold 3 (0.5)
Otherb 158 (26.3)
Unknown reasons 80 (13.3)
  1. a“Received new LLIN” means that the owner of the net received a new LLIN through a routine distribution method (such as via antenatal care clinics, or childhood vaccination clinics), and threw away the LLIN being followed in the study
  2. bOther includes: family moved (61), family not home (77), LLIN lost by owner (16), and refusal to continue to participate (4)