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Table 11 Performance of CD3+, TruScan Raman, and GPHF Minilab in distinguishing between different strengths

From: Assessment of the effectiveness of the CD3+ tool to detect counterfeit and substandard anti-malarials

Brand name Manufacturer Sample composition/strength Reference product CD3+ (dosage) TruScan raman GPHF minilab
Winthrop Sanofi AS-AQ 50/135 AS-AQ, 100/270 mg, Sanofi Faila Passb Fail
Winthrop Sanofi AS-AQ 100/270 AS-AQ, 50/135 mg, Sanofi Fail Pass Fail
Lumerax Ipca AR-LU 40/240 AR-LU, 20/120 mg, Ipca Fail Pass Fail
AR-LU 20/120 Ipca AR-LU 20/120 AR-LU, 40/240 mg, Ipca Fail Pass Fail
  1. AS-AQ Artesunate and Amodiaquine fixed-dose combination tablets
  2. AR-LU Artemether and Lumefantrine fixed dose combination tablets
  3. a Fail Sample is not consistent with reference product (different)
  4. b Pass Sample is consistent with reference product (identical)