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Table 1 Plasmodium spp. that could be amplified and hybridised by the primers and probe designed for POCKIT-iiPCR assay

From: Development of insulated isothermal PCR for rapid on-site malaria detection

Plasmodium spp. Host
P. falciparum Humans
P. vivax Humans
P. ovale Humans
P. malariae Humans, monkeys
P. knowlesi Humans, monkeys
P. inui Monkeys
P. fieldi Monkeys
P. coatneyi Monkeys, humans
P. cynomolgi Monkeys, humans
P. fragile Monkeys
P. simiovale Monkeys
P. simium Monkeys, humans
P. gonderi Monkeys
P. hylobati Monkeys
P. brasilianum Monkeys
P. yoelii Rodents
P. berghei Rodents
P. chabaudi Rodents
P. vinckei Rodents
P. juxtanucleare Birds
P. lophurae Birds
Primer sequence
Amplicon size: 124 bp
Probe sequence
 Isoplasmo probe