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Fig. 2

From: Operational challenges to continuous LLIN distribution: a qualitative rapid assessment in four countries

Fig. 2

Supply order and fill process in each country. Kenya (1) Sub-county health office places order to national programme on behalf of facilities, based on sub-country quantification developed by the sub-county health office with support from partners; (2) national programme fills order to facilities from regional storage warehouses. Mali (1) Facilities place request order to district based on consumption; (2) district collates all facility request, and places request to national programme; (3) national programme “corrects” order based on LLIN availability and its own quantification estimates and fills order to the district; (4) district adjusts and fills facility orders based on available supplies. Malawi and Rwanda: (1) Facilities supplied based on national distribution plan; Malawi uses regional storage space to keep LLIN supplies between national distributions

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