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Table 1 Description of outlet types and classification

From: Oral artemisinin monotherapy removal from the private sector in Eastern Myanmar between 2012 and 2014

Priority outlets
Pharmacies Pharmacies are licensed by the Ministry of Health and are authorized to sell all classes of medicines including prescription-only medicines
General retailers General retailers are grocery stores and village shops that sell fast-moving consumer goods, food and provisions. Although retailers may have over-the-counter medicines including anti-malarials available, national authorities do not regulate the sale of medicines by retailers
Mobile providers Mobile providers selling medicines and other goods. They are not registered with any national regulatory authority
Non-priority outlets
Private health facilities Private general practitioners providing patient services within privately owned facilities that are licensed by the Ministry of Health. These practitioners may have formal or informal ties with government health facilities including serving on staff at government facilities and/or accessing government or non-government not-for-profit medicine supplies
Community health workers Community-based health workers provide patient services and typically are linked with the government or NGOs, or other private health facilities and medical supply agents