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Fig. 4

From: Analysis of the dose-dependent stage-specific in vitro efficacy of a multi-stage malaria vaccine candidate cocktail

Fig. 4

Confirmation of pre-erythrocytic stage in vitro efficacy by sporozoite gliding motility (SGM) and sporozoite invasion and liver stage development (SILSD) assays. The in vitro efficacy of antibodies induced by VAMAX-mix immunization was assessed by SGM and SILSD assays. Total IgG was purified from rabbit immune serum samples collected on day 70 and the total IgG fractions from the corresponding groups (four rabbits per group) were pooled (P1: 1 µg antigen dose, blue; P50: 50 µg antigen dose, orange). Data represent means and standard deviations of three experiments. a The dose-dependency of sporozoite gliding motility inhibition was investigated for P1 and P50 using 9, 3 and 1 mg/ml total IgG (a) and the inhibition was also correlated with the PfCSP_TSR-specific antibody concentration (b). Based on both graphs, the IC50 values for total IgG as well as PfCSP_TSR-specific antibodies were calculated and summarized in Table 3. c The inhibition of sporozoite invasion and liver-stage development was assessed for P1 and P50 at 9 mg/ml total IgG and the corresponding PfCSP_TSR-specific antibody concentration is illustrated

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