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Fig. 5

From: Analysis of the dose-dependent stage-specific in vitro efficacy of a multi-stage malaria vaccine candidate cocktail

Fig. 5

Confirmation of blood-stage in vitro efficacy measured in growth inhibition assay (GIAs) using three P. falciparum strains. GIAs with asexual P. falciparum parasites (strains: 3D7A, 7G8, V1-S) were carried out using purified total rabbit IgG pools from immune serum samples (P1: 1 µg antigen dose, blue; P50: 50 µg antigen dose, orange). Each data point represents the mean, including standard deviations of technical triplicates within one experiment. a The dose-dependency of GIA was investigated for P1 and P50 using 10, 5, 2.5 and 1.25 mg/ml total IgG. b Reversal of growth inhibition was analysed using 10 mg/ml total IgG of P1 and P50 and a serial 1/3 dilution of PfAMA1_DiCo mix (250–0.34 µg/ml) as a competitor, and based on these results the inhibition was also correlated with the PfAMA1_DiCo mix-specific antibody concentration (c). Based on both graphs, the IC50 values for total IgG as well as PfAMA1_DiCo Mix-specific antibodies were calculated and summarized in Table 3

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