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Fig. 4

From: Plasma levels of eight different mediators and their potential as biomarkers of various clinical malaria conditions in African children

Fig. 4

Biplots illustrating the main results of PCA analyses. a Shows that all SM and CM patients are grouped on the right part of the biplot whereas uncomplicated clinical conditions, i.e. patients with less severe syndromes, are located on the upper left part of the biplot. Conditions of asymptomatic carriage, i.e. situations without clinical expression of the disease, are found in the lower left quarter of the graph of scores. The combination of Fractalkine, MIG/CXCL9 and neopterin was the best predictor of AM condition versus that of controls (b). The combination of suPAR, PTX3 and sTREM-1 was the best indicator of the UM condition versus AM syndrome (c) whereas that of neopterin, suPAR and Fractalkine was strongly predictive of SM–CM compared to UM condition (d)

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