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Fig. 1

From: Direct transfer of HRPII-magnetic bead complexes to malaria rapid diagnostic tests significantly improves test sensitivity

Fig. 1

Schematic of the biomarker extraction and delivery system. (1) Add blood to sample tube containing magnetic beads and lysis reagents. (2) Mix the sample using a handheld, battery-powered vortex for 5–30 min to bind biomarkers. (3) Insert an RDT into the 3D printed transfer device. (4) Transfer the sample to a cut-bottom dispensing tube. (5) Insert the dispensing tube into the transfer device and wait 30 s for the beads to collect near the bottom before depressing fully to blot the beads onto the test. The RDT is then developed using imidazole-spiked development buffer to release the biomarkers from the beads

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