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Table 1 Technical scope of enquiry

From: The use of formative research to inform the design of a seasonal malaria chemoprevention intervention in northern Nigeria

Thematic parameter Questions to be answered from formative research
Health system context What is the functionality and perceived quality of health care at the health facility level, specifically for the management of malaria?
What is the scope of health services offered and perceived quality of care at the community level for the management of malaria, including referral?
How functional are the links between the community and health facility levels and how does this affect quality of care?
How could access to quality malaria treatment at the community level be improved, including for referred patients?
What is the existing precedence for financial or other support to CCGs?
What is the capacity for and existing level and quality of reporting by CCGs? Do they see reporting as important?
Socio-cultural context What is the level of knowledge, range of attitudes and care-seeking patterns in the community with regards to malaria prevention and treatment? What are these affected by?
What is the relationship between the CCGs and the community, including levels of support to and trust in CCGs?
What written and spoken languages are best understood? What are literacy levels like and how could this affect the development of communication materials or the feasibility of caretakers of children under five to keep simple diaries on fever cases and adverse events?
What information and communication channels could best support promotion and uptake?
How do community leaders or other figures influence health related behaviours? How could the project best collaborate with them in order to raise acceptability and uptake?
Are there other ways in which community support could be garnered?
SMC delivery approach How feasible, acceptable and effective could different drug delivery methods be i.e. health facility, community fixed-point, or a household-to-household? What challenges could be anticipated and how could these be addressed?