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Table 7 Comparison of global and local Logistic model diagnostics for each outcome

From: Geographically-weighted regression of knowledge and behaviour determinants to anti-malarial recommending and dispensing practice among medicine retailers in western Kenya: capacitating targeted interventions

  Global model Local model
Recommended correct treatment to adults
 Akaike information criterion 97.85 91.47
 Corrected akaike information criterion 98.58 92.47
 Deviance 87.85 79.78
Recommended correct treatment to children under 5
 Akaike information criterion 106.95 99.07
 Corrected akaike information criterion 108.01 101.33
 Deviance 94.95 81.49
 Sold ACTs more than any other antimalarial
 Akaike information criterion 101.28 100.75
 Corrected akaike information criterion 102.03 102.04
 Deviance 91.28 87.48