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Table 1 Content of the malaria health literacy questionnaire

From: Using WeChat official accounts to improve malaria health literacy among Chinese expatriates in Niger: an intervention study

Aspects Indexes Question number Total question
Knowledge Malaria transmission knowledge 4  
Malaria prevention related knowledge 5  
Malaria diagnosis standard 4  
Malaria treatment approach 3  
Attitude Malaria prevention attitude 2  
Wish to acquire malaria information 4  
Malaria diagnosis and treat on time 2  
Practice Acquire malaria information activity 3  
Comprehensive malaria prevention practice activity 6  
Help others activity 2  
Malaria diagnosis and treatment practice 3  
Skill Knowledge acquire skill self-assessment 2  
Malaria diagnosis skill self-assessment 2  
Using RDT skill 2  
Reading doctor’s advice skill 2