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Fig. 2

From: A(maize)ing attraction: gravid Anopheles arabiensis are attracted and oviposit in response to maize pollen odours

Fig. 2

Headspace volatiles of BH-660 and ZM-521 maize pollen stimulate oviposition by gravid Anopheles arabiensis. Oviposition preference of mosquitoes to headspace volatiles of the ZM-521 (a, b) and BH-660 (c, d) maize pollen compared to controls, distilled (left) and breeding (right) water, conditioned with hexane. In the two-choice oviposition assay, the headspace of the BH-660 maize pollen was significantly preferred over that of the ZM-521 in both distilled (e) and breeding (f) water. Controls (hexane vs hexane) are shown next to the dose response analyses as black squares (ad). An oviposition index of zero indicates preference to neither treatment nor control. Error bars denote standard error of the mean

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