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Table 1 Content and schedule of SMS reminders

From: Efficacy of text-message reminders on paediatric malaria treatment adherence and their post-treatment return to health facilities in Kenya: a randomized controlled trial

Message category Timing Day of sending Message content
AL dose 2 8 h after first dose Day 0 Hello [name of care giver], have you remembered to give your child the [dose number] dose of malaria medicine? If not, please do so. Thank you, [Name of HF]
AL dose 3 08:00 Day 1
AL dose 4 20:00 Day 1
AL dose 5 08:00 Day 2
AL dose 6 20:00 Day 2
Day 3 health facility post-treatment visita 20.30 Day 2 Hello [name of care giver], please remember to bring the child back to hospital [tomorrow on day 2/today on day 3] to confirm clearance of malaria parasites. Thank you, [Name of HF]
08:00 Day 3
Unscheduled visit 08:00 Day 7 Hello [name of care giver] I hope the child is doing well. If not, please bring them back to the hospital as soon as possible. Thank you, [Name of HF]
08:00 Day 14
08:00 Day 21
Day 28 health facility post-treatment visit 18.30 Day 27 Hello [name of care giver], please bring your child back to the hospital [tomorrow on day 27/today on day 28] for day 28 post-treatment as advised by the doctor. Thank you, [Name of HF]
08:00 Day 28
  1. aDay 3 post-treatment reminders are not sent to the patients in category 3 since they are visited at home