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Fig. 4

From: Submicroscopic Plasmodium prevalence in relation to malaria incidence in 20 villages in western Cambodia

Fig. 4

Plasmodium species prevalence by uPCR and incidence of malaria cases in 2015. a Plasmodium falciparum prevalence by uPCR and falciparum or mixed malaria incidence 2015; b Plasmodium vivax prevalence by uPCR and vivax Malaria incidence 2015; c Plasmodium vivax and undetermined Plasmodium species prevalence by uPCR and vivax malaria incidence 2015; d Plasmodium prevalence by uPCR and malaria incidence 2015. In each graph, X axis represents Plasmodium prevalence by uPCR during March–April 2015 and Y axis represents malaria cases per 1000 population in a 1-year period, API annual parasite incidence. API = (confirmed cases during 1 year/population under surveillance) ×1000. In 2015, *19 out of 20 villages malaria incidence rates were available from Battambang Provincial Health Department and are included in the analyses, except for PEM

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